Greytip Software (greytHR) is a 25 years old cloud-based HR & Payroll software company

Based out of Bangalore and offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and other cities

Started in 1994 as a consultancy and released our On-Premise solution in 1998

Payroll module added in 1999 and serviced 40 clients

In 2007 foucs on SME segment and the automation of payroll for SMEs

Low cost, no CapEx Greytip Online (now greytHR ) launched in 2008

Serving 9000+ clients in all sectors/ industries in India

Presented in 150+ cities

29 Indian states & Union territories, shops Act, CLRA & Labor Law Acts

Processing payroll for 1 million+ employees every month

greytHR team grew from 10 (2009) to current strength of 380+ (2019)

greytHR is packed with a variety of features, as Mention below:

Statutory deductions

Employee information management

Leave & Attendance management

Employee self-service module

Complete information on the features is available at

Payroll- You can run the payroll in minutes

Arrear Calculation with ease

IT calculations with ease

Automatic payslip generation

Employee documents management

Letter generation

The system will automatically generate a bank statement according to your banker, once the payroll is processed

You can generate Form 16B and Merge Form 16A and B with a digital signature

Form 24Q- You can generate FVU file

ESS (Employee self-service portal)- Employees can check their Payslips, submit IT declartion & POI, apply for leave, submit their expenses etc.

Biometric machine integration with greytHR or Web sign in and sign out/ geo-fencing- To check the attendance of the employees.

Expenses claims managements

Generate 90+ Reports which includes all the PF, ESI, LWF, PT, Leave, Attendance, HR, MIS Reports and customised reports

Manage employee payroll lifecycle on a single platform and reduce data duplicity.

100% PF,PT,ESI and TDS compliant.

IT (TDS) Management - Automatic,TDS calculations and generate reports as Monthly Tax Statement ,Form 16 & 12BA,eTDS Returns,Form 24Q,etc...

Excel imports - Eliminate time consuming data entry work.

Generate payslips in minutes

instant reports

Reconciliation tools ensure rechecks.s

Smart checklists ensure you don't miss out any step.

Worry about HR & financial compliance & wonder whether all states laws are met : Built in Statutory compliance .

Wish for a tool which can generate error free payroll month after month : Single touch automated payroll generation .

Struggle to monitor remote work force & manage their schedules: Mobile app & Geo Tracking.

Look for more comprehensive HR dashboards @ reports which help you make informed decisions :dashboards & reports.

Want to have a mechanism to communicate effectively with your organisation & encourage collaboration :ESS Portal.

Grapple with many spreadsheets & paper-based documents to mantain employee records ? : Single point online employee record management

Repeat the same manual process everytime you want to generate a letter for any employee ? : Built-in ,customizable letter formats

Maintain excel files & send manual remainders to employees/managers about confirmations,promotions ,etc.? :HR & PayRoll workflows to streamflow process.

Find it difficult to ensure all employee queries are addressed & nothing gets missed out ? : Employee Self service portal with news feeds.

Worry whether all employee exit formalities are completed? : Interdepartmental Employee Exit workflow .

Keep searching & collating through a plie of files every time you want to genrate a report?: Comprehensive reporting engine .

Get frustated that your HR & Payroll excel files are always out of sync ? Seamless Integration between HR ,payroll & Attendance Modules .

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